001 : Rum n Bass Show 4th Feb 2016

Drum n Bass Session with guest Jah Pete

This show will feature DoupleP and Jah Pete from the infoumase JPS Sound System back to back playing some stomping warehouse infulanced DnB tunes old and new. Expect artist like Knowlage and Wisdom, Deep in the Jungle Records, Lions Dub Label and Fleck.

8 to 10 pm {gtm} on Renegade Radio 107.2fm dijon region france.

A little bit of histroy

2007-2016 : Pissed Pat & Stoned4U

The Rum n Bass Show is the next offering from the artists formaly know as Pissed Pat. Pissed Pat deliverd the Stoned4U network and 9 years of live radio shows and party sessions accross the world dedicated to bass heavy roots reggae, dub and steppas. Many many thanks to those that played with and supported Pissed Pat and the Stoned4U Session.

What's Next

2016 - Today : DoubleP & The Rum N Bass Show

The Rum n Bass Show, PP's new angel is a mixture of revolutionary chat with roots heavy hip hop, warehouse dnb, electro, ambient trip, reggae and dub.. The next faze of PP music is aimed at listners who appreacte roots music without the musical hype.